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Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day!
We did not plan it to happen, or did we? My sisters, Cheri and Vicki, decided a couple of weeks back to make the trip to Oklahoma to see their brother. Oddly, this visit was planned with no mention of it being Mother’s Day. There we were, the three children of Dorothy Arlene Richardson, together on Mother’ Day.
A simply beautiful spring day. One of those rare days where it is not too hot, not too cold, and not to windy. Rare in Oklahoma anytime of the year. One of a dozen or so days in the spring and autumn that are just perfect.
In addition, the next generation, my nephew Marcus, his wife Kasey, and their little bundle of joy, Emmerson. Sometimes the universe just smiles. It did today.
Dorothy, from Kansas. 😊 She taught so many things, the most impactful from her example. Dorothy was born of German descent. She was T O U G H! Dorothy worked a full-time job, a part-time job, and took in sewing for some extra cash. The phrase “extra cash” was the equivalent of a unicorn, in our house. Our grandparents made sure we did not miss a meal. Dorothy did what was necessary to raise three children, and though it was extremely difficult, we made the most of it.
Dorothy taught me to be tenacious. Determined. She encouraged me to be involved in sports, which has been a life-long gift. She taught me perseverance. She instilled in me a desire to get a college education. She encouraged me to dream, as there was no limit to what could be accomplished with determination, and perseverance. What a gift to dream…
Dorothy was a ferocious defender of her children. I see this as a common trait among the strong women in my life. I have been blessed with another strong woman in my life, Miss Dina “Dinky” Hammam. She too has the strength of Atlas when it comes to defending her children. How have I been so blessed?
On this Mother’s Day, thank you Dorothy for all you sacrificed for the three children, grown, and here of Mother’s Day. Vicki is just a fierce as you. Cheri is just as determined. Dinky, tenacious, fierce, and strong. Grace, unmerited favor, once again my life has been so enriched by the strong mother’s. Thank you on this spectacular Mother’s Day.
Enjoy the day…r2